Nursing pillow

Body pillow

Thanks to its buckwheat hull filling, this pillow naturally molds to the curves of your body. During pregnancy, it supports the stomach, breasts and legs to help you sleep more comfortably. Place along your lower back when seated to ease backaches associated with pregnancy.

You also place it along your back for greater support while nursing in bed. We suggest that you remove some of the buckwheat hulls as your pregnancy progresses to help the pillow mold more easily to your body.

Nursing pillow

The Nneka pillow provides the necessary support for optimal comfort when nursing. The pillow’s weight (about 6 pounds) helps it stay in place, preventing baby from sliding down between the mother and the pillow.

  • It allows to have more than a nursing position : (cradle hold, football, lying down, etc.)

  • Perfect for women of all sizes.

  • The pillow is also a great support whengiving baby the bottle.

Protection (baby lying/sitting)

  • It is very helpful to use the pillow to protect the baby when lying on the couch or when nursing in bed so that it does not fall. (0 - 3 months).

  • By the age of 6 months, babies are not quite seated. During this period, children roll and fall on their backs. The pillow is perfect to protect them.

  • Always have the baby under surveillance.


Neka products are made in Quebec!


  • Molds perfectly to the shape of your body.
  • Stays in place, does not slip.
  • Allows you to nurse in several positions.
  • Adjustable. Buckwheat hulls can be removed to adapt the pillow to your    needs (body pillow, nursing, mother’s size).
  • Washable. Both the cover and inner pouch can be machine washed.
  • Ideal for women of all sizes.
  • Hypoallergenic. Long-lasting, natural recycled fibre

Technical details

  • Size: Cylindrical shape, 24’’ x 8’’ in diameter.
  • Filing: 100% buckwheat hull. A naturally hypoallergenic fibre, the hulls are obtained during the dehulling of buckwheat seeds. They do not retain body heat, keeping you fresh and cool upon contact with the pillow.
  • Weight: 6 pounds (approximately).


  • Pouch that contains the buckwheat hulls: 68% polyester and 32% cotton, equipped with a zipper. This makes it easy to adjust the quantity of buckwheat hulls and/or empty the pouch for washing.
  • Decorative cover: mix of polycotton or 100% cotton. Comes in a wide variety of fabrics that change with the seasons.